Rug of the Week


Rug #23362 Chinese Ningxia 12’0″ x 10’8

Antique Ningxia Chinese Carpet

10.8 by 12.0

  1. 1800

We  LOVE Chinese carpets.  Absolutely.

Rahmanan has the largest collection of Antique Chinese Rug and Carpets in New York. In America. In the world. In the galaxy. In the universe. Period.

A prime example is our recent acquisition number 23362, an over square  antique Chinese Ningxia carpet with a delectable salmon-pink field, and lotus of paeonies and lotuses as decorative motives. Not to mention fluttering butterflies. The delightfully intense salmon-rose field was produced by a naturally fugitive vegetable dye and it is very rare to find the colour so well preserved. In the center of the field is a medallion composed of an outer lotus wreath and an inner roundel with a flowering prunus branch, with en suite lotus corners. Paeony stems with white or dark blue flowers are strewn about the field. More lotuses appear in the well-executed navy main border.

Pink rugs are supposed not to sell. But this is no ordinary pink and no ordinary rug. The condition is exceptional for something of this age and the wider than tall format is equally unusual.

The texture is soft and the handle flexible. It has had no restorations or repairs.

The carpet screams ‘elegant’, but not fussy or busy. Of course, the perfect accompaniment is classic antique  Chinese huanghuali or zitan furniture, but what a splash of colour this antique Chinese carpet makes in a contemporary interior. Chinese pinks are like no others, rich yet mellow, saturated yet warm.  Amazingly, this carpet is modern and simultaneously so antique.

The square dimensions make it particularly versatile, either as a neat room filler or as a spectacular accent area rug in a loft.

This carpet is one of many exceptional square large antique Chinese Ningxia carpets in our inventory, ranging up to about eighteen feet on a side. Nobody else has this kind of depth of collection. Consult our website  for further examples.





About Rahmanan Antique & Decorative Rugs

Rahmanan deals with the sales and service of antique rugs, tapestries, and kilims. Inventory includes, but is not limited to, Turkish, Persian, Indian, Chinese, Mongolian, Moroccan, European, Caucasian, American, and Navajo pieces. We also have antique quilts.
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