#18425 Kerman – Lavar: Circa 1900

Rug#: 18425

Origin: SE Persia

Type: Kerman – Laver

Size: 9’8” x 21’2”

Warp: hand spun cotton

Weft: hand spun cotton

Pile: wool

Sides: 2 ply wool

Circa: 1900

Main Colors:  soft blues, navy, beige, ivory, tan, soft gold.

The present carpet originates in SE Persia, specifically the Ravar region of the Kerman province.  The town and surrounding regions have a long history of rug making, dating back to at least to the beginning of 17th century.

The formality of this rug is evident, with rows of flower-filled lozenges creating an almost architectural lattice feel.  This style of alternating lines can be seen in other Ravar patterns of this period, and seems to be a lingering pattern type popular in the late 19th century carpets of this area. The rug is in relatively good condition (evenly low) considering Kermans of this type were usually woven with a thin pile to start.

Because of its location in a mountainous region of SE Persia, the sheep bred in the area have long produced the highest quality wool.  For this reason, the rugs coming from this region have all been produced using the most lustrous and luxurious wool, which over time has improved just by simple process of being walked on.

Kermans and related type rugs such as Ravar and Yazd carpets are amongst the most sought after antique carpets in today’s market. Their generous dimensions, subtle color combinations and fanciful patterns make them appealingly adaptable to room settings of varied décor.

The price of Kermans with good balance of color and composition have steadily risen, while pieces of average quality have dropped.


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