#40-1205 Bakhshaiesh: circa 1880

Rug #:  40-1205
Type:    Bakhshaiesh
Origin:  Azerbaijan Province, NW Persia
Size:     10’0” x 14’6”
Circa:   1880

A uniform field of light camel displays an ascending overall floral pattern of linked rosettes attached by geometrically angled branches.  The main border of linked stylized rosettes with attendant hyper-formalized floating leaves is a variant of the “crab” border of the Caucasus and NW Persia.  The pattern appears on other pieces from this area and period.  The four minor borders are identical in style and typically Heriz in design.

By 1910 the overall patterns popular in the Revival Period (1870-1895) are supplemented by the familiar angular medallion design.  Thus, this example is particularly unusual and rare, and cannot be duplicated by other large carpets from this milieu.

The name “Bakhshaiesh” applies to Heriz district carpets from the later 19th Century in both overall and medallion layouts.  However, weaves and design styles vary so greatly that a specific attribution as to origin is impossible.  There is a town with this name on 20th Century maps, but not on earlier ones, thus further complicating any attributions.  Of the inscribed Heriz area rugs from this period, few indicate a place of origin, and never “Bakhshaiesh”.  Hence it is best to restrict its application to a style-color-quality combination.  The handsome piece presented here exemplifies this rare amalgamation of traits.

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*Post written and edited by Peter Saunders & Katrina Mauro


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  1. Mike Az says:

    Great pictures and info. Thanks for the post.

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