Mongolian Weavings

The exact source of carpets termed “Mongolian” is unclear.  Certainly these carpets were woven in the Chinese style, with their fret borders, shou medallions, and other far-eastern motifs.  Mongolian rugs, however, are bolder and simpler, course of weave with a peculiar rough, hairy, pile that does not take dyes the way purely Chinese pieces do.  Traditionally, these rugs were dyed only with organic colors derived from indigo, saffron, sumac, turmeric and pomegranate.

The overall look is somehow provincial.  Sizes tend to the square with 10′ x 10′ being especially popular.  All pieces available in the current market seem to be 19th Century.  Few, if any, earlier carpets of this kind are actually preserved, but are represented in illuminated Chinese manuscripts, appearing similar to examples available today.

Most Mongolian rugs have a high percentage of open space, with even the decorative elements often showing the plain ground through their design.  What they lack in finesse compared to Peking, or even NingXia pieces, is however compensated by a direct, unmediated approach with no extraneous elements.

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*research & writing by Peter Saunders & Katrina Mauro


About Rahmanan Antique & Decorative Rugs

Rahmanan deals with the sales and service of antique rugs, tapestries, and kilims. Inventory includes, but is not limited to, Turkish, Persian, Indian, Chinese, Mongolian, Moroccan, European, Caucasian, American, and Navajo pieces. We also have antique quilts.
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