Chinese Art Deco: circa 1930


Chinese – Art Deco

8’0″ x 10’0″

circa 1930

As seen in ‘Art Deco & Modernist Carpets’ by Susan Dry (page 94)


In the 1930s, the demand for handwoven rugs, which could not be made in the United States, caused a surge of industry overseas, especially in China.  There were major factories opened in Beijung and Tientsin.

This particular design is the child of the Fette-Li Company of Beijing China.  The Fette-Li Company was set up in 1919 by Helen Fette in Partnership with Chinese weaver Li Meng Shu.

Many of the designs, over viewed by Fette, were taken from Chinese emroidery, or inspired by traditional Chinese motifs.  This pine tree design is one of their more distinctly Art Deco pieces.


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