A Weft Of Different Color

Recently, a client brought up the different colors found in the wefts of Oushak carpets. He noted that some seemed to have red wefts, while others remained un-dyed. He wondered weather or not this was a telling factor on age.

Many different colors of wool have been used as wefts in the weaving of antique rugs. The reason for this is that there was a time when nothing went to waste. After weaving a rug, there was often leftover wool, which may not have been enough to weave a new rug. These extras were then used as the base to start that new rug. While we may not do this today for the sake of regularity in product production, in the past people used what they had. This may be one of the many minor nuances that give your antique rug the character that you love.


About Rahmanan Antique & Decorative Rugs

Rahmanan deals with the sales and service of antique rugs, tapestries, and kilims. Inventory includes, but is not limited to, Turkish, Persian, Indian, Chinese, Mongolian, Moroccan, European, Caucasian, American, and Navajo pieces. We also have antique quilts.
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